The Bitcoin Mining Pool that .

Stand on top of your mining operations with integrated real-time device monitoring and auditable FPPS rewarding. 

See the right data

at the right time!

With real-time monitoring, alerts and charts for every single device.

Simply manage the notifications we send to you every 5 mins and know if there is a connection, disconnection or hash-rate drop for any of your machines. You can choose to get notified through email, Android and iOS apps as well as Telegram. This will help you improve your oversight and optimize your profitability and uptime of your operations.

Improved FPPS Rewarding Method

We share All the Block Rewards and All the Transaction Fees of All blocks with our miners.

Our rewarding method is the most stable among mining pools and every satoshi you earn on Lincoin is auditable and verifiable. We really mean it!

Lincoin is one of the few mining pools that share the TX fees of all blocks with miners thus you may expect the most stable income without compromising on your profitability.

FPPS reward Lincoin

Lincoin is powered by communities and grows by collaboration. 

We love our miners and they love us back!

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Own your rewards like never before!

Instant Withdrawal

Earn your reward every 30 mins and have full control from the moment you earn it. You can place a quick withdraw at any moment to your wallet of choice. 

Auto Daily Withdrawal

Set an auto withdraw threshold and get your balance automatically withdrawn into your predefined wallet if the threshold is hit. 

Revenue Sharing

Set multiple wallet addresses and assign shares to each of them. We will make sure your revenues are shared accurately and on-time. 

Don't Trust, Verify!

We audit the rewards once a day at 1:00 UTC and will provide you with the data you need to verify that yourself. Transparency and authenticity is our unfair advantage.

Let’s get the pool party started…

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